Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Episode 2nd December 2022: Akshu Spies on Aarohi

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on OTT

The episode begins with Manjiri and everyone greeting the visitors. The visitor requests Akshu. Manjiri says she’ll be there. Abhi arrives. She blesses and praises him. He embraces her. She asks what happened, why you’re worried if they’re coming here, and if anything happened there.

Mahima observes. Everything is fine, according to Abhi. Rohan attempts to converse with Abhi. Abhi tells him to relax and stop giving Gyaan all the time.

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Rohan smiles and says, “You look normal now, so keep it up.” He leaves. Aarohi looks at Abhi and motions for him to inquire about Manish. Manjiri says we’ll serve breakfast to the visitors. Aarohi claims that everyone is curious about Akshu.

She asks Abhi if Akshu and his family will be there. Manish and his friends arrive. Birlas grins. Manjiri greets them. Aarohi dashes over to Manish.

Neil expresses gratitude for their presence. She expresses gratitude for your presence. Manjiri inquires about Akshu’s whereabouts. Anand says it’s good you’ve come; we’ll forget the past and move on.

Manish says to Aarohi, “I forgive you.” She expresses gratitude to him. He thanks Abhi and says, “It’s important for him that I forgive you.” She thanks him and hugs him.

Neil expresses gratitude to Abhi. Manjiri inquires as to why Akshu did not appear. Abhi says it’s fine; she’ll come on her own terms; we can’t force her. Aarohi wishes she considered me family as well.

Abhi encourages her to remain cheerful. She claims that the entire family should have been present. Manish says that Akshu and her family celebrated without you and that you are celebrating today without her.

Manjiri invites them in. Abhi says enough, I did what you said because it was the last thing I needed to do. He enjoys playing the dhol. Chak Dhoom Dhoom Aaj mera jee karda….plays…

Everyone is dancing. Aarohi appears depressed in front of Manjiri. She believes Akshu should have shown up. Abhi notices Akshu and turns around. Akshu also appears and plays dhol. Everyone is happy. She performs a dance with Abhi. The moment is frozen. She asks Abhi to reveal what he is hiding. He claims I can’t. She inquires whether Aarohi is blackmailing you.

He says I can’t say anything. Abhi suggests that I take Shivansh. Let me handle your stress, says Akshu. Abhi chooses Shivansh. Akshu becomes enraged and believes I will not leave Aarohi. She notices Aarohi taking a phone call. She intends to discover the truth.

Mahima asks, “What are you hiding?” Abhi held a reception party, gave his favorite bike, and received Manish’s forgiveness.

Akshu and Abhi are dancing for you; what poison did you get for which there is no antidote; and how are you forcing Abhi to fulfill your wish list? According to Aarohi, it is his greatness. Mahima says, “Shut up, Abhi, why are you getting everything?” My time, according to Aarohi, has come.

Mahima says, “Don’t be too clever with me; you’re here because of me.” She walks away. Akshu observes. Abhi is sitting and conversing with Shivansh.

Parth appears and informs Shivansh that he has a cold. Shefali is your mother, and I am your father. I know everything, and I was prepared to handle you before you were born. Abhi becomes emotional. Parth says it’s special to become a father; Shefali agrees; Abhi, you’ll be a good father; Shivansh slept peacefully in your lap; he bothers me; take care of him; I’ll send Nanny.

He leaves. Abhi sobs and says, “If Akshu can’t become a mother, I won’t become a father; I’m feeling strange, Akshu will feel terrible; I can’t tell her.” Akshu says, “I’m so sorry, Abhi would be so hurt.” Neil says, “I wanted to thank you; you also got dhol; I hope you accepted Aarohi and the other girls.”

Neil is accompanied by Akshu. They are all dancing. Akshu invites Aarohi to a dance. Aarohi believes it is her plan, as she is behaving well with me. Akshu walks away with Aarohi’s phone. Manjiri notices this. Aarohi looks at her phone. Akshu claims that if Aarohi’s last dialed number is Abhi’s, it will be confirmed that she is blackmailing Abhi. She goes through the messages. She inquires as to what they are concealing from me.

Manjiri takes the phone and asks, “What are you doing?” You have Aarohi’s phone, what are you finding in it, and why are you doing it? Aarohi approaches Abhi and says, “You’ll never be a father, how sad, I’m using your pain, you know it, but I feel bad for you.”

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode Update

Aarohi is slapped by Aksu. She claims that I will show these documents to the entire family. Aarohi advises you to tell the truth because your pregnancy is difficult. Akshu is taken aback. Abhi glares angrily at Aarohi.

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