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Ullu Web Series:- Young people now choose web series over movies because of their plot, characters, and storylines. Thanks to the rising popularity of web series, a number of OTT platforms are currently emerging to provide you with a plethora of new content to binge-watch.

One of the OTT platforms with sexual material that has experienced the quickest growth is Ullu TV.

When it was first introduced in 2018, this site soon became well-liked among young people because of its mature, provocative, and sensual content.

Because Ullu is not as well-known as other platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc., the adult web series there are less expensive.

You may still fall in love with a lot of web series on Ullu, though.

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Here, we’ll go over the top 11 adult and hot web series you should watch on the Ullu app:

Halala Ullu Web Series

Halala, one of Ullu TV’s most divisive and popular web series, premiered on March 29, 2019. As the name implies, this web series strongly advocated against social issues such as “Triple Talaq” and “Halala” rituals. “Halala” is a Muslim custom in which a woman obtains a triple talaq divorce from a man, marries another man, has a child with him, and then obtains a second divorce in order to remarry her first husband.

This Halala Ritual-based web series tells the story of Afza, a woman who is happily married to Rahil. Both of them are madly in love, but when Rahil triple talaqs Afza in rage, their marriage takes an unexpected turn. In order to remarry Rahil, Afza must now go through a Halala Ritual. Will she be able to meet her husband’s demands?

This television show combines romance, drama, and struggle. Also, if you enjoy drama web series, don’t forget to watch this one.

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The bull of Dalal street Ullu Web Series

“The Bull of Dalal Street,” a popular drama web series, is based on the real-life experiences of an Indian stockbroker named “Harshad Mehta.” Essentially, it tells the story of his rise from poverty to riches and how he came to rule the stock market, or how he came to be known as Dalal Street’s strongest bull.

This web series depicts the largest stock market fraud committed by the share market’s kings, including Harshad Mehta, in 1992. It depicts Harshad Mehta in two different ways. In one shade, you can see a struggling Harshal Mehra who will do anything to survive. The wealthy Harshal Mehra will appear in a different light.

Harshal Mehra rules Dalal Street and knows every trick in the Indian stock market. This web series shows his willingness to do anything for money and never for free. He married a woman who shared his beliefs, and they had a child together.

However, he later made mistakes that resulted in a larger failure, and he lost everything.

Overall, it’s a fantastic web series with some glitz. If you like learning about the stock market, you should definitely watch this web series.

Panchali Ullu Web Series

On the Ullu app, this is one of the most popular adults and hot web series. The genres of this Ullu web series are drama and romance. This web series was released on May 24, 2019. This story is about Panchali. Panchali marries all five of her brothers. One of the educated brothers is opposed to the union. Panchal falls in love with him.

Riti Riwaj Ullu Web Series

Riti Riwaj, one of the most anticipated erotic web series, focuses on a woman’s sexual desires, which are never openly discussed in our society. This web series depicts how a lack of water continues to have an impact on rural areas, as well as how one man satisfies his sexual desires by marrying multiple times. He is unable, however, to satisfy one of his wife’s sexual needs, and he is unsure how far she will go to do so.

Bribe Ullu Web Series

An account of Padma is an Indian web series in which a widow is forced by her brother to barter herself in order to receive her widow’s pension. How she engages in sexual activity with powerful men to ensure she receives everything she is entitled to and desires. Her journey through the things she had to give up in order to keep what was already hers.

Ashuddhi Ullu Web Series

In the film “Ashuddhi,” an innocent, struggling actor named Karan (Hiten Tejwani) learns about the secrets of a Secret Society. Karan is in a passionate relationship that abruptly changes course.

Things start to get out of hand when his landlady Vidya (Kavita Radheshyam) and Karan are introduced to a Secret Society that allegedly wields excessive amounts of power.

The series delves into these dangerous covert organizations and their members, as well as their ideologies, ulterior motives, and ultimate goal.

Woodpecker Ullu Web Series

She is the most coveted CEO in town, as well as the most successful. Her greed becomes uncontrollable as a result of her insatiable desire to rule the world. This causes her significant difficulties and conflicts. What happens next? View this strange tale of glitz and ambition.

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Bhasudi Ullu Web Series

Some popular films like Qala Movie, Drishyam 2, India Lockdown, BhediyaFreddy MovieThe Great Indian Murders Full Series, etc. have also become its victims.

Bhasudi is an Indian web series that debuted on the Ullu app. The web series in Hindi is created and directed by Sajid Siddiqui and Rahul Abhua. The web series fits into the drama, crime, and thriller genres. The lives of a group of young people are central to the plot. Things change due to the fact that they deal in weapons. When deadly attacks and gangster fights follow one another, things change.

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Me too Ullu Web Series

As the name implies, the #Metoo series is inspired by the well-known #Metoo movement. This web series is based on allegations made by several Bollywood actresses in late 2018 that they were harassed or molested by one or more male industry employees. This particular web series tells the story of a Bollywood actress who paid a high price for her fame.

This Bollywood actress was found dead at an event with a #metoo note in her bag. The story’s male protagonist then begins to investigate what happened to her and discovers how she was harassed by a powerful male in the Bollywood industry in order to pursue her dreams. It is based on true events and is marketed as a thriller, suspenseful, and glamorous tale. If you enjoy watching drama web series based on real life, you should add it to your watch list.

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January 26 Ullu Web Series

26 January, an Indian web series, is now available on the Ullu app. Vedh is employed by the ATS. He is given a task. While on this mission, Vedh develops feelings for a girl named Inshiya. He later discovered, however, that she is a possible terrorist suspect. Will Vedh save his country or will he put his faith in his love?

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These 11 adult and hot web series on the Ullu app are ranked among the best web series. Because of a partnership with the ULLU TV App, you can watch all of these web series for free on the MX Player app.

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