Sasural Simar Ka 2 December 1st 2022 Written Update Episode – Simar Goes out to meet Guru Ji

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Sasural Simar Ka 2 December 2022 Written Update Episode 1 on OTT

The episode begins with Sandhya taking the dress from Simar’s closet and signing Chitra. Chitra says it’s the same suit. Sandhya claims to have given this dress to Simar. Chitra expresses concern about her safety in the house. Simar dispatches Jhumri from there and instructs Chitra to contact the shop where she went to sharpen the knife.

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She informs Sandhya that if she had kept the tap open, the tank would have been empty by now. Sandhya is still skeptical of her. Simar expresses regret that Maa does not believe her.

Labuni stands out and listens to them. Chitra inquires of Simar whether she wishes to blame the statue. Simar believes it is possible. Aarav claims that the statue and its negative effects have vanished. They depart. Simar expresses her regret to Aarav that her family does not support her.

Aarav claims that you have never hidden anything from me and promises that she will ensure that no one speaks against her. Simar approaches Reema and Vivaan and informs them that she is being pursued.

Vivaan expresses his doubts about Jhumri. Reema claims that Mummy ji and Tai ji are speaking in unison in support of Jhumri. Simar believes they were protecting the statue at the time, and now Jhumri. She realises Labuni has resurrected.

She informs Reema and Vivaan that she will be meeting with Guru ji. They say they will also come. Simar requests that they stay at home and look after everyone.

Sasural Simar Ka 2

Aarav enters the room and notices Simar sleeping. He assures her that she has done nothing wrong and has never hidden or lied to him. Simar, he says you are my soul. He is sleeping.

Simar believes that this time I must conceal something from you because Mata Rani knows why I am doing this. She gets out of bed and goes outside. Reema pushes open the door.

Simar shows up. Reema requests that she contact them. Take care of yourself, advises Vivaan. Simar notices guards sitting and considers how to leave. She stares at the wall. Vivaan says he’ll assist Bhabhi. Simmy, according to Reema, will find a way.

Simar scales the wall and leaps to the other side. Aarav is about to rise. Labuni is sitting on the bed with her hand on his.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update Episode

Simar dials a taxi. She sprints in front of the tempo. The tempo driver comes to a halt and inquires if you are blind. Simar apologises. Labuni is dressed similarly to Simar, and she believes she will make Aarav hers today by dressing up as Simar.

She puts on Simar’s earrings and makeup. She looks and searches for the mangalsutra. She looks at Simar’s picture frame, then at Aarav.

She asks, “Why did I calm down seeing you, and how did your one glance make me forget all my pain?” She says I’ll be quiet because it’s my mangalsutra and Aarav’s, and Simar has no place in this house, room, or Aarav’s heart.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 December 1st 2022 Written Update Episode

Simar arrives at the Ashram to find it burned and sealed. She dials Guru ji’s number, but it is disconnected. A man is walking away from her, telling her that a dangerous fire has broken out and that none of them can be saved.

Simar discovers her phone has been turned off and is unsure what to do. She goes to the temple after asking Mata Rani. Labuni is outside and declares that nothing is hidden from her.

She turns to the PS and says that Inspector tried to dupe her with Simar’s help, but now Simar will be held accountable. Simar arrives at the temple and informs Guru ji that he can no longer assist her.

She asks her to show her how to prove my truth right now. She says, “Mata Rani, please help me bring this truth to light,” and rings the temple bell.

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Today Episode

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Where can I watch today episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2?

On Voot, you can watch Sasural Simar Ka Serial All Latest Seasons Full Episodes And Videos Online.

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the last episode of Sasural Simar Ka is 728.

Where can I watch ssk2?

On Voot, you can watch Sasural Simar Ka Serial All Latest Seasons Full Episodes And Videos Online.

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