Naagin Season 6 4th December 2022 Written Update: Mahek kills Pratha, Rishabh, and Rudra

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Naagin Season 6 4th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Pratha wondering what she is missing. She receives a note inviting her to a meeting in the garden. She walks out and notices the nicely decorated garden area with a table and two chairs. She wonders if Rishabh did it. She then discovers Rishabh unconscious near the table. She is taken aback and asks him to wake up. Rishabh shows up.

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Pratha wonders who is here. She discovers the unconscious Rishabh has vanished. Rishabh invites her to sit and offers her a glass of water. Pratha says someone is watching us, Rishabh. Mahek is looking at them. Rishabh instructs Pratha to get ready for the dinner he has planned for her.

Pratha wonders if she is overthinking things and decides that tomorrow is Prarthana’s wedding and she will not think anything. Mahek is hiding with Urvashi and Seema, telling them that Pratha is emotional and that she doesn’t know what her plan is. She declares that she will cause a commotion at her niece’s wedding. Pratha notices the snakeskin and looks around.

She notices Urvashi and Seema, as well as Mahek. She is taken aback to see them alive. Mahek promises to get all nine nagmanis and kill her the next day. Pratha is standing far away and declares that Mahek will not harm her daughter.

Rudra visits Prarthana. Prarthana motions for him to leave, saying, “Maa said we couldn’t see each other before marriage.” He requests that she show her face once. She keeps her hand on her face for a moment, then removes it. She rushes to Rudra when she notices the snake biting him. Rudra claims you killed me because of your abilities. Prarthana’s fantasy.

Pratha recalls Mahek’s words that they must attack Prarthana before she resurrects the powers of 9 manis and kills her. Rishabh informs someone that her daughter’s wedding is today. Tushar Kapoor appears. Rishabh introduces him to Rudra and tells him about Mareech, the criminal.

Tushar Kapoor claims he came to meet his wife and that he was only joking. Rishabh says he’ll bring his wife. He approaches Pratha and inquires as to what transpired. Pratha embraces him. He inquires if she had any bad dreams or thoughts, and believes she is emotional because Prarthana is getting married.

Mr. Dixit, he says, is waiting for you. Tushar Kapoor inquires about Pratha’s well-being. Rishabh reports that Prarthana is concerned about the person who is no longer alive. Tushar Kapoor instructs Pratha to seek support from her husband and to ensure that the criminal attacks them from all sides.

Rishabh invites Tushar Kapoor to the wedding. Tushar Kapoor claims that he received a call from his department. He leaves after promoting Mareech. Pratha informs Rishabh that Mahek has arrived. Rishabh pulls her aside and asks her to tell him everything. Pratha informs Rishabh that Mahek arrived with Urvashi and Seema with the intent of killing Prarthana and obtaining 9 mani powers, as she possesses Nani’s anklet, which is extremely powerful.

She claims Prarthana must reawaken mani’s powers. She expresses her desire for Rishabh’s happiness. Rishabh claims she cannot hurt us. She says that first, we will resurrect the mani powers, and then we will finalize the marriage.

Pratha says she will delegate puja preparations to Tashak Raj. Rishabh claims he is willing to die for his daughter. Pratha claims that Sheb wishes to die before him. They promise that nothing bad will happen to her.

Prarthana is staying at the Naag Mahal. Task Naag Raj arrives. She smiles at him. She expresses her desire to live a simple life and expresses her unwillingness to take on this responsibility. Tashak Naag Raj claims that not everything will go as planned. Prarthana says she’ll take on the responsibility, but he’ll grant her a boon that nothing bad will happen to her love.

Tashak Naagraj inquires, “What are you asking?” Prarthana says he will not perform this puja until you grant him this boon. Tashak Naagraj grants her the wish that nothing bad will happen to her husband. He claims you have no idea what you have asked. Prarthana claims she requested her husband’s death. She takes a seat for puja. He performs the shank.

Rudra enters Prarthana’s room. He inquires of Pratha as to the whereabouts of Prarthana. Pratha informs that Prarthana will not arrive because she has gone to resurrect the naagmani powers. She tells him that Urvashi, Seema, and her deceased sister have resurrected.

She says they want to kill Prarthana and asks him to leave because their lives are in danger. Rudra is seated on the mandap. Maasi, according to Sayali, will bring Prarthana. Mahek arrives with Urvashi and Seema. Rishabh claims to understand your intentions. Sayali begs Urvashi to change her ways, saying she is well aware of what has occurred.

Urvashi slaps her and says, “You’ve changed sides.” Sayali says you’re bad, and I know what that means. Mahek inquires about the bride’s whereabouts. Rudra asks her not to mention Prarthana. She shoves them and transforms them into a snake. The Pandit Ji flees. Pratha hopes that the puja will be finished soon. She hears someone approaching and sits with a veil to impersonate Prarthana.

Mahek arrives and inquires if her mother informed her about her daughter. She keeps the knife on Pratha’s stomach and says that if the 9 Naaman is don’t come out, it means you’re Pratha. She claims you squandered my time by sitting in your daughter’s place and sending her there. Prarthana and Tashak NaagRaj are preparing to perform the puja.

Mahek walks into the hall. Pratha clings to her with her tail. Pratha is stabbed with a knife by Mahek. Pratha clings to her with her tail. Mahek requests that Urvashi and Seema stop Prarthana from performing puja in the house because she can hear her.

Prarthana is being pursued by Seema and Urvashi. Rudra and Rishabh follow them. Seema checks the room and suspects Prarthana is performing puja in the room where I had imprisoned Shakti. Rudra blocks her path. Seema warns him that if he does not move, he will die. Urvashi appears behind him and stabs him in the back with the magical knife. Then, from upstairs, Seema pushes Rudra down. Pratha takes the knife from Rudra and tells Mahek that if this knife can kill Shesh Naagin, it can also kill him. Seema enters the room where she had imprisoned Shakti.

Rishabh is standing there, she discovers. She approaches him, holding the knife. She tells him that many years ago, she pretended to be his mother. He tries to put a stop to her. She attacks him, injuring him and knocking him down.

Rishabh points a knife at Seema and tells her to leave and never return. Seema claims that I can get there after killing you. She stabs him in the chest with a knife. Pratha is about to stab Mahek when she feels pain in her chest and takes the name Rishabh. Seema removes the knife from his grasp.

Rishabh is still on her way. Seema shoves him, and he falls. Pratha turns to face him. She approaches him and recalls their interactions. Mahek then stabs Pratha. Sayali and her cousin are taken aback. Pratha collapses and tries to grasp Rishabh’s hand. Rishabh also tries to take her hand in his. Seema directs Mahek to the room where Shakti is kept. Sayali and her cousin block her path and refuse to let her go. Mahek stabs them as well. Sayali and her cousin both collapse. Prarthana reawakens the naagmanis’ powers. Tashak Naagraj folds his hands in front of her and declares that the puja has been completed, and the 9 naagmani powers have made you Maha Shesh Naagin.

Naagin Season 6 4th December 2022 Written Update

Precap: Prarthana discovers the bodies of Rishabh, Pratha, and Rudra. She claims that she sacrifices her life and is buried with all of her powers. Mahek, Seema, and Urvashi are taken aback.

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