Meet Written Update 12th December 2022: Meet Saves Babita

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Meet Written Update:- Meet 12th December 2022 Written Update On

The Episode starts with Meet Ahlawat sharing the good news with his entire family that he met the registration officer and says that he promised them that he will find the original documents and send them. Meet Ahlawat says that once the original documents are in hand, they can also solve their property problems.

Meet Ahlawat and his family Heard an announcement that in 5 days the Ahlawat family is going to be auctioned. Meet Ahlawat and the Ahlawat family goes to hear the announcement. Meet Ahlawat encouraged the Ahlawat family and said that once the registrar officer gives their original documents, their problem will be solved.

At the same time, the Registration Officer comes to meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat thinks that the registration officer has come to give him the original papers and asks for them. The registration officer taunts Meet Ahlawat and says that he cannot go against Barfi Devi for them and says that he will not help them in any way. The announcer comes and again announces that Ahlawat Haveli is going to be auctioned in 5 days but he does not listen.

Meet Ahlawat gets angry and assaults him and warns him and the registration officer not to insult his family. The registration officer shows the documents in which the government has given permission to auction the mansion of the Ahlawat family.

Meet Ahlawat warned the register officer and announcer to stop the announcement and said that the Ahlawat family’s mansion is not going to be auctioned. Meet threatens to leave them. Meet Ahlawat sends the announcer and register officer away from there.

He pours water on Meet Ahlawat to cool it down. Meet warned Ahlawat to control his anger. Meet Ahlawat says that he is unable to control his anger and says that he cannot see anyone disrespecting his family. Meet says he is going to do something for Barfi Devi.

Meet reminds Meet Ahlawat that Barfi Devi is playing a big game and for this, she needs to think calmly. Meet asks Ahlawat to promise that he will not do anything in anger. Meet Ahlawat does not promise to meet and says he is going to do something for Barfi Devi.

Barfi Devi sends Raj the video of Meet Ahlawat threatening the registration officer. Raj watches the video. Barfi calls Raj and talks to Raj about the video. Barfi blackmails Raj saying that she will send the video to the police if Meet or Meet Ahlawat tries to stop the auction.

Raj calls the lawyer and talks to him to take legal action. The lawyer asked him for Rs 200,000 in advance to do his work. Raj asks the lawyer if he is asking for an advance. The lawyer says yes and reminds her of Raj’s situation.

Meet Written Update

Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that they have to beat Barfi with their brains and not their fists. Raj arrives and announces to the family that they are not going to stop the Ahlawat family auction and meet the Ahlawats. Meet Ahlawat tries to pacify his father.

Raj does not listen to meet Ahlawat and says that he can get the money back but if he loses it then he cannot bring it back. Meet tries to talk to Raj but Raj says that this matter is over. Meet Ahlawat and ask Raj to calm down.

Babita gives her jewelry to Raj and says that she needs money to hire a lawyer. Babita says we can sell them and hire a lawyer. Ishani overhears them talking.

Raj and Babita sell their jewelry to buy vegetables. Barfi shows the hired goon to Raj and Babita and tells them to do as he is told. The female goon steals the vegetable seller’s phone and puts it in Babita’s bag. The vegetable seller looks for his phone but does not find it. The lady goon asks the vegetable vendor to give her phone as a missed call.

The vegetable seller agrees and calls her on the phone. Babita notices that the phone is in her bag. The female goon accuses Babita of stealing the vegetable seller’s phone. The people around him also believe in him. Barfi secretly watches all this happening. The female goon gets her hands blackened and says she is going to blacken Babita’s face.

The female goon tries to blackmail Babita but Meet stops the female goon.

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