Faltu Written Update Episode 2nd December 2022: Pappi and Ratan reach Ayaan’s house

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Faltu 2nd December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on OTT Drama.com

Tanisha and Aryaan begin the episode by dancing. She says, “Stop it, I want to perform on Rajasthani folk, and I want everyone to be happy and remember their childhood when they see our dance.” Aunt says, “Very good; we’re glad you’re doing this for the family.” Savita believes we are fortunate. This Rajasthani folk dance, according to the man, is difficult.

Tanisha says we’ll hire a folk singer. Suhana says, “Don’t worry, I’ve got a solution for you: Faltu can teach you to dance like she taught Ayaan.” Ayaan inquires, “What did she teach you?” Faltu believes Pappi and Ratan can come here at any time, but he doesn’t know how to tell Ayaan.

Faltu, according to Ayaan, is a good dancer. He asks Faltu if she will teach them and if she has time. Faltu affirms. Everyone makes fun of Ayaan. Ayaan claims that I am a skilled dancer. Faltu invites him to dance. Ayaan and Faltu perform a dance. Tanu, are you seeing how they look good together? You and Ayaan have the same sizzling chemistry, Sid says.

Faltu says, “I have something to tell you.” She is injured. Tanisha inquires as to what transpired. Suhana warns her to be cautious. Tanisha says we’ll keep going as long as you teach us. Sid believes the drama will take place, so I will perform the duet with Tanisha.

Faltu says, “Bua, I’d like to speak with Ayaan.” Dadi calls out to Bua. She walks away. Faltu becomes restless at night. She gets out of bed and dials Ayaan’s number.

She claims Ayaan’s phone is turned off. It’s morning, and everyone is getting ready to go to puja. Dadi chastises Janardhan. Harsh inquires about Ayaan’s whereabouts. Ayaan arrives. Faltu attempts to communicate. Janardhan summons them. Dadi invites Faltu to accompany them to the temple. Tanisha questioned why she would come with us when the only family would be present.

Dadi says Devi belongs to everyone, and everyone has the right to perform puja; since Faltu arrived, I believe she has been lucky for us; yes, right, she saved your life. Come, Dadi says we’ll pray. Janardhan says, “Don’t worry about these things; Faltu is here for a few days; come, Tanisha.” They all go to the house temple to pray. They depart.

Pappi and Ratan return home and stage a play. Janardhan requests that Govind make them out. Faltu is hidden by Ayaan. He requests that Govind contact the police. Pappi inquires about the family’s hierarchy. Dadi says I’m the boss, so tell me.

Pappi make fun of her. Ayaan advises, “Speak with manners, she’s my Dadi.” Pappi claims you forced my would-be wife to elope and then hid her here; tell me where she is. Janardhan challenges them. Ratan claims that Ayaan stole my niece from her marriage mandap, to which Pappi responds that he is correct and that the entire village is insulting us because of him. The guy says we’ve been looking for you for two days and will take my sister with us.

Janardhan orders them to leave the house. Sid says, “I’ll see.” He goes and chastises Pappi. He claims that Ayaan is the Ram of the house. He requests that Pappi begin the drama. Pappi advise you to ask your brother or the sarpanch.

Sid inquires as to what nonsense. Call our sarpanch, says Ratan, and you will learn the truth. Sid responds, “OK, I trust my brother, tell me the number.” Ayaan claims they are thugs who will lie to anyone who will listen. Pappi claims to be tense. Janardhan says, “Ayaan, you are my pride; tell them the truth.” Answer them, says Savita.

Faltu appears and states that they are correct. Pappi and Ratan come across Faltu. She claims it’s only half true: Pappi enslaved my father and wanted to marry me forcibly, forcing me to flee. Som advises you to inform them that you have fled with Ayaan. She claims I fled on my own.

Bua claims she is correct; when we found her, she was alone, so we helped her; Ayaan had no idea until we brought her here.

Faltu says, “Don’t drag Ayaan into this; get out; I’m an adult; I don’t need to tell you where I’m going.” Ratan chastises her. He claims you must pay a price for this. Pappi claims that I have no animosity toward you all and that Ayaan forced Faltu to elope. He invites Faltu to accompany her. He grabs Faltu’s hand and drags her along.

Ayaan intervenes. He chastises Pappi. Tanisha tells them to take Faltu because it is their problem. He says, pathetic, you should support Faltu, I wasn’t involved before, but now I am, and whatever I say will come true, Faltu will not leave this house.

Faltu Written Update Episode 2nd December 2022

Faltu Written Update

Ayaan and Tanisha are tying the knot. Faltu watches, sad.

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