Anupama Written Update Episode 8th December 2022: Leela’s Warning To Anupama

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Anupama 8th December 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The police arrested Vijayendra and Manan Mehta. Reporters click their pictures. Anupama proudly walks back with her team. An upbeat song plays in the background. An old woman with her granddaughter tells Anupama that she was silent because she was alone, now she realizes that a woman listens to another woman and fights for her rights, Anupama becomes the voice of women.

His granddaughter thanks Anupama and says she wants to be like Anupama. Anupama says she just has to speak against injustice. She recites a long poem that explains how to conquer fear and pain. Before the police take him and Vijayendra away, Manan apologizes to Anupama and Dimple. Anupama thanks God.

After a few days, Anupama performs Tulsi Puja early in the morning. Little Anu prays for the whole family with him. Anuj along with Dimple and Ankush prepare Ginger Bradman. All three of them argue and laugh. Little Anu scolds Anuj for spoiling the gingerbread. Anupama sends little Anu to school and sends Dimple to get ready for the court hearing. Dimple says that it is better to end the long standing relationship.

Anuj feels sad for spoiling little Anu’s gingerbread preparation. Anupama decorates and fixes it. Anuj hints that she is looking good. Teri Chahat Ke Deewane Huye Hum.. song plays in the background. She pulls him towards her. He tastes like Ginger Bradman. Little Anu comes inside. They are both shy and nervous.

Hasmukh brings cream rolls for the family and says he will have one too as he is very happy. Vanraj asks the reason for her happiness. Whenever he goes out, people ask him if he is Anupama’s father, Kavya and Kinjal’s film and Samar’s grandfather; Children are identified by their father’s name, but they are very happy when they are identified by their children’s name.

Leela asks him to stop praising his children or else they will get spoiled. Hasmukh grumbles whether the children can rectify him with their dharna. Everyone laughs on hearing this. Kinjal asks Toshu to bring Pari’s milk bottle from the room. Pakhi comes out of her room and orders Kavya to bring coffee for her. Kavya says she has to go to office, so Pakhi should prepare it herself.

Ankush talks to the real estate agent and gets angry for not getting a flat on rent. He tells Barkha that he cannot take more time from Anuj and Anupama. Anuj and Anupama overhear her and ask her to take her time. Ankush thinks they both are so nice, we troubled them so much. Samar tongues scolds Pakhi for her arrogant and bossy attitude.

Pakhi rudely argues with her like always. Leela scolds Samar instead. Kinjal tells Pakhi to go and serve breakfast to Adhik as he will be getting ready for the office.

Pakhi says they are a new aged couple, and will handle more. Kavya says that since both the new-age couples work and do not sit at home, she can at least give tea and snacks to her husband. Pakhi says when Adik asks, she will do it. Kavya says so that she can order them to prepare breakfast. Pakhi keeps on teasing the family with her arrogant and intolerable behavior.

Anuj spoke to his employee on the phone. Anupama says she is also going to college after a long time. Dimple says she will go to the dance academy after meeting the lawyer. Anupama says Samar will be there to help her, festival season is coming. Younger Anu says they will celebrate Christmas. Anuj says they will celebrate every festival and they all will be happy.

Anupama then gets worried about Pakhi’s arrogant attitude and forced stay in Shah’s house and thinks of talking to her. Dimple goes to dance academy and tells Samar that she is officially joining duty from today. Samar wishes her good luck and says dance academy is her mother’s dream, her dream is to fulfill mother’s dream, and asks what is her dream.

Dimple says that her dream was to become a housewife, but now it is impossible. She talks about Anupama and Anuj’s compatibility and cheers herself up. Samar teaches her dance steps. Leela walks in, gets angry seeing their growing equation and leaves.

Anupama visits Shah and falls in love with Pari. Kinjal and Kavya talk to him. Leela walks away angrily and tells Anupama that she doesn’t stop bringing troubles on them and asks why did she give Dimple a job in dance academy instead of Anuj’s office and is trying to dump her on Samar. , she warns him that Dimple will not come to their house or life.

Anupama asks the reason. Leela says she will feel bad. Anupama says she will not as Leela always used to speak bad about her. Leela says she doesn’t like Dimple so Anupama should keep her away from Shah family, Samar and Shah family. Adhik along with Pakhi walks to greet Anupama and says he heard that she is here, so came to meet her. Anupama asks how are they. Pakhi rudely tells her to forget her, she has to worry about Dimple.

Anupama Written Update

Precap: Pakhi refuses to wash dishes and insists on Adhik purchasing a dishwasher. Adhik claims she doesn’t want to work or do housework, and she overstepped her bounds when she had Hasmukh iron his clothes. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to be like her mother. Anupama overhears their conversation and asks Leela why Pakhi is staying at Shah House. Leela claims it’s none of her business.

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